AED Maintenance and PAD Program

AEDs do not require extensive maintenance, but they clearly need to be ready in case of an emergency. An AED with weak or dead batteries or pads that are expired, put people’s lives at risk and waste all the planning and expensive of your safety program.

ERT has a single, all inclusive, maintenance program. The purpose of this program is to let our trained experts ensure your equipment is ready for use in the event you need it and not trust to chance that they were never properly maintained.

This plan includes all of the following:
  • Twice yearly site visit to test each AED and ensure it is operating properly
  • Replace Batteries when needed
  • Replace AED pads when needed
  • Perform software updates as mandated by the American Heart Association as they refine their CPR/AED guidelines
  • Perform software or hardware updates as provided by the manufacturer
  • Provide a loaner AED if your device is out of service for any reason
  • Provide physician medical oversight, including:
    • Prescription for purchase
    • Review of AED event records with responders
  • Integration with local E9-1-1 services
Cost is on a per-AED, per-year basis. Contact us for a quote.