AED Maintenance and PAD Program

AEDs do not require extensive maintenance, but they clearly need to be ready in case of an emergency. An AED with weak or dead batteries, or pads that have expired, put people’s lives at risk and waste all the planning and expense of your safety program. AED Pads

ERT provides two maintenance plans:

No Cost Plan

At no cost ERT will set up automated reminders for replacing batteries, pads, and accessory kits based on their normal maintenance schedule. We’ll provide comprehensive instructions on how to replace the accessories and teach you how to interpret your AED’s self-test.

All Inclusive Maintenance Program

This program has our trained technicians ensure your equipment is always ready for use.

This plan includes all of the following:

Cost is on a per-AED, annual basis. Contact us for a quote based on your device and configuration.

When supported by the device.