Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)

The EMR program is an expert-level program with the highest level of certification short of becoming an EMT.

The course provides a detailed and comprehensive approach for managing out-of-hospital medical emergencies prior to the arrival of EMS. The program offers more details, depth, and exposure to standard first aid training topics to provide richer and more advanced training in first aid. ASHI EMR meets and exceeds workplace first aid training requirements and satisfies the desire to learn more than just basic skills without the burdens associated with EMS provider certification.

The following topics are covered in the EMR program:
  1. Introduction to EMS Systems
  2. Legal and Ethical Principles of Emergency Care
  3. Wellness and Safety of the Emergency Medical Responder
  4. Introduction to Medical Terminology, Human Anatomy, and Life Development
  5. Introduction to Pathophysiology
  6. Principles of Lifting, Moving, and Positioning of Patients
  7. Principles of Effective Communications
  8. Principles of Effective Documentation
  9. Principles of Airway Management and Ventilation
  10. Principles of Oxygen Therapy*
  11. Principles of Resuscitation
  12. Obtaining a Medical History and Vital Signs
  13. Principles of Patient Assessment
  14. Caring for Cardiac Emergencies
  15. Caring for Respiratory Emergencies
  16. Caring for Common Medical Emergencies
  17. Caring for Environmental Emergencies
  18. Caring for Soft-tissue Injuries and Bleeding
  19. Recognition and Care of Shock
  20. Caring for Muscle and Bone Injuries
  21. Caring for Head and Spine Injuries
  22. Caring for Chest and Abdominal Emergencies
  23. Care During Pregnancy and Childbirth*
  24. Caring for Infants and Children
  25. Special Considerations for the Geriatric Patient
  26. Introduction to EMS Operations and Hazardous Response*
  27. Introduction to Multiple-Casualty Incidents, the Incident Command System, and Triage*

To allow for success we exceed the minimum time requirements for this program (typically quoted as 42 to 48 hours) by offering the course as a 54-hour (typically, 9 six-hour sessions) program. Students should be prepared to put in a significant effort for this course. There is a 600+ page textbook, quizes on each of the above chapters, exams, written and practical final exams.

We offer both the initial 54-hour program (*66 hours with these supplemental topics) as well as the 18-hour biennial renewal training.

This course requires a recent BLS Provider certification as a pre-requisite. We provide this to EMR students at a discount if needed.

We offer this program with various scheduling options on-site for your company for four or more participants. Contact us for pricing and scheduling.

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