Wilderness First Aid

Our Basic and Advanced First Aid courses assume that Emergency Medical Services can respond quickly to the emergency. However, when more advanced care is delayed, such as when you are hiking or camping, specialized training is required. That training, Wilderness First Aid, takes into account such things as limited access to medical supplies, exposure to outdoor elements, and extended response time for professional help.

Long hikes, extended lengths of river, large expanses of ocean, and miles of asphalt may separate the person from a medical facility. You, as a provider, and the ill or injured person may have to endure unexpected heat, cold, rain, wind, or darkness. The equipment needed for treatment may have to be improvised from what is available, and communication with professional medical responders may be limited or nonexistent.

This course is 16-hours long and requires CPR certification as a pre-requisite.

We offer this program with various scheduling options on-site for your organization for four or more participants.

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