Advanced Bleeding Control

Stop The Bleed®

Life threatening bleeding can occur from car accidents, kitchen accidents, dog bites, man made, and natural disasters. Bleeding is the #1 cause of preventable death!

We provide an expanded version of the official “Stop The Bleed” program to train the general public (lay rescuers) and emergency responders how to recognize and control life-threatening bleeding.

CAT 7 Tourniquet

The course is four hours long and includes both a formal presentation and hands-on practice of bandaging techniques, extrication techniques, application of direct pressure, wound packing, and use of a tourniquet.

Every day we read stories about private citizens who are saving lives using tourniquets, chest seals, and pressure dressings. This course is your chance to be prepared! Learn what products are on the market and how to use them properly to save a life!

Students may optionally receive formal certification through the American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI), part of the Health & Safety Institute (HSI), for taking this program.

Pricing: $49.00/pp. Classes are scheduled regularly at our Woburn training center or private classes can be arranged. Classes of six or more taught at your site!

Stop The Bleed

ERT can also provide high quality bleeding control supplies such as tourniquets, bleeding control kits, and wound packing gauze. Be aware that there are numerous ‘fakes’ available on e.g. Amazon.

For dates and times of all courses offered in our Woburn training center, please check our Class Calendar. Or Contact Us to set up an on-site course.