EMT Continuing Education

We offer a number of state-approved EMT ConEd programs. All are in-person courses at our Woburn training center.

Some of the courses we offer are:

Advanced Bleeding Control
Hours: 2
Tourniquets and Wound Packing!
Pediatric Cardiac Arrest
Hours: 2
7 'Tips' to think about for pediatrics.
Abuse and Neglect
Hours: 1
Elder Abuse & Child Neglect.
HazMat for EMTs
Hours: 2
Hazardous Materials Awareness.
Acute Coronary Syndrom
Hours: 1
Multiple causes of Myocardial Ischemia
Basics of EKG
Hours: 2
Demystifying those squiggly lines!
Hours: 1
Understanding CO2
Sepsis and Septic Shock
Hours: 2
Death from a bacterial infection...
ASHER (Active Shooter Hostile Event Response)
Hours: 3
Understanding the acuity of those environments
Traumatic Brain Injury
Hours: 2
Signs, Symptoms, and magnitude of TBI

Hours listed are for all levels, Basic through Paramedic, unless noted otherwise.

We offer this program with various scheduling options at our Woburn Training Center or on-site for your organization for six or more participants.

For dates and times of all courses offered in our Woburn training center, please check our Class Calendar. Or Contact Us to set up an on-site course.